Social investment

RCC’s social policy is focused on long-term projects of great public importance, implemented in the areas where it operates. The goal is to improve the living standards of the company’s employees, their families, and the local communities at large.

RCC Group is a major taxpayer in a number of Russian regions and in Kazakhstan.

In addition to contributing taxes and other payments, RCC develops social partnerships with local authorities. These involve formal agreements under which RCC Group provides funds for cultural, sports and educational projects, as well as the renovation and construction of new public amenities.

In February 2017, for example, at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, RCC, Chelyabinsk Region and the Karabash Municipality officially confirmed their mutual plans to develop the municipality within which of the Karabashmed Smelter operates.

The Karabash municipality development program includes new residential property construction, as well as construction and repair of roads, water supply systems and sewers, gas lines and other utilities. The program also includes construction and renovation of a number of public amenities, as well as development of recreational areas.

RCC and the government of Chelyabinsk Region are planning to invest around 3 bn rubles in the development of Karabash, making this joint project one of the most large-scale and successful examples of social cooperation between government and business.

In addition, RCC promotes a healthy lifestyle, supports amateur and professional sports, and contributes to making fitness available for everyone.

The company sponsors the Russian wheelchair tennis team and an infant judo club in Tominskiy settlement. It also hosts Greco-Roman wrestling competitions for youth and helps provide sports equipment for children’s teams. Amongst RCC’s most notable sports projects over the past few years are its support of the Metroshka kids street football festival in the Ural Region and the Strongest Pupil multisport competition for junior pupils in Chelyabinsk Region. The latter won the Best Social Projects of Russia federal program.

In 2017, RCC initiated the creation of 16 workout zones and parks in Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk Regions. The workout zones provide the opportunity to keep fit using your own weight as a load. Modern sports amenities have now been built in Korkino, Kyshtym, Karabash, Pervomayskiy and Chelyabinsk, and a further six amenities will be constructed in Yekaterinburg. Overall, RCC has invested more than 40 mln rubles in this project.

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