Social investment

Through its social policy, the RCC aims to implement long-term projects in its catchment territories to improve life standards for its employees, their family members and all local residents.

The company has approved a social development strategy that covers four key areas, namely environmental and social responsibility, charity and personnel policy.

Among the company’s key tasks in the field of social responsibility and charity are creating a comfortable urban environment, developing the social sphere and engineering infrastructure, the popularization of a healthy lifestyle, and support for educational and cultural projects for children and adults.

The RCC funds the repair of existing and construction of new social facilities – kindergartens, schools, sports complexes, residential buildings, cultural and medical institutions, and engineering networks. The company also sponsors children's clubs and units and supports landscaping projects.

Since 2017, 69 workout parks and workout sites have been created in various regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. Six kindergartens, a swimming pool and two multipurpose sports complexes have been built in small towns of the Chelyabinsk region. Another swimming pool and a sports complex are under construction. In Chelyabinsk itself, the construction of a multifunctional sports complex "RMK-Arena" is underway. All sports facilities of the company are very popular and contribute to increasing the accessibility of sports for the population.

To boost an all-round physical development for children and strengthen their health, the company has launched an annual large-scale sports project that unites schoolchildren aged 6 to 17 from the RCC catchment territories. Among recent notable projects is the support of children’s local football teams festival.

The RCC implements projects aimed at supporting talented youth, organizing healthy leisure activities, developing teamwork and public speaking skills.

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