Health, Safety and Enviroment

RCC cares for its employees’ health and safety. This is a top priority for the company.

All of the company’s enterprises have successfully implemented a health and safety management system that unites all of the services and production departments within a single chain of interaction.

This integrated approach helps to avoid violations of the applicable health and safety legislation, as well as to eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries at work.

Employees at all levels, from senior managers to workers, are involved in ensuring health and safety at production sites.

RCC employees attend pre-employment and routine health examinations, as well as briefings and trainings on safety and health protection. The company provides all workers with personal protective equipment, i.e. certified workwear and footwear, respiratory protective equipment and hearing and eye protection devices, as well as lubricants and neutralizing agents.

The company provides constant supervision of health and safety issues on sites. Every year, RCC improves its working environment, as well as the health and shared services at its sites.

Working conditions at RCC facilities are supervised by certified labs.

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