RCC is committed to the principles of sustainable development. When pursuing its business objectives, the company takes full account of the long-term economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Local development in areas where the company is present

By investing funds in the development of modern mining and processing enterprises across Russia and Kazakhstan, RCC Group makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the respective territories.

Located next to small cities and townships, RCC enterprises frequently have strategic importance for the local economies and social sector. This is because aside from offering employment to people and paying taxes, RCC provides a supportive environment for small business development, i.e. public catering, public services, maintenance services, transport, etc. Every job created by RCC creates at least five jobs for local specialists involved in allied businesses.

The company’s social policy helps improve the communities’ living standards. RCC invests in the construction and upkeep of local amenities — day-care centers, schools, sports grounds, cultural and medical institutions. It also sponsors additional study groups and classes, and helps to host important public events.

Health, Safety and Environment

Ensuring the safety of its employees and environment protection are RCC’s top priorities. The company deploys the best available technologies and equipment to create high-quality products and minimize environmental impact, including waste utilization.

RCC invests more than 1 bn roubles a year on implementing environmental protection measures and the rational use of natural resources.

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection are an important part of the company’s management system. RCC complies with all applicable environmental laws and applies advanced international standards of environmental management.

The company acts with due diligence to reduce industrial risks, ensure safe working conditions at its sites, processing areas and production facilities, and at the company’s enterprises as a whole.

When ensuring occupational safety and health and environmental protection, RCC prioritizes employees’ health and safety over the operational outcome.


The support of mentorship traditions combined with modern training programs for young professionals, together with employee development programs, provide RCC with high-class workers, engineers and managers capable of dealing with the most demanding challenges related to production and management improvement, as well as business performance improvement.

When hiring new staff, RCC gives preference to applicants from local towns and townships.

RCC is always looking for ambitious new talents to join the team.

The company offers competitive compensation packages, social guarantees, and opportunities for professional growth. Moreover, benefits are offered not only to our current employees, but also to their families and retired workers.

Thus, our employees can look ahead with confidence and plan for the future.

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