Environmental protection

RCC applies sound environmental management programs, as well as green production programs.

Over the last five years, RCC has invested more than 8 bn roubles in environmental protection of the areas in which it operates, cutting atmospheric discharges by 50% and water emissions by 30%.

The work carried out by the company and its outcomes have been commended by the World Wildlife Fund. According to the WWF’s ranking of environmental responsibility in Russian mining companies, RCC had the 6th lowest environmental impact of 33 mining companies in 2016 and took 14th place in environmental responsibility.

Adherence to industrial standards and environmental legislation requirements is only part of RCC’s activities aimed at preserving and restoring the ecological balance. When modernizing its existing enterprises and building new facilities, RCC strives to use the world’s best available and most eco-friendly technologies and solutions, including the 100% closed water cycle method for ore processing, advanced dust trapping technologies in mines, and reliable gas purification and waste utilization systems at metallurgic plants.

The modernization of the Karabashmed Smelter in Chelyabinsk Region is a good illustration of RCC’s approach to environmental management. Since 2004, the plant’s gas purification system has been fully replaced with a modern one, and its old-fashioned shaft furnace has been replaced with a modern copper smelting furnace. A new slag-processing plant has been built, a closed-cycle water supply system introduced and a new sulphuric acid shop put into operation to utilize waste gases.

Since 2004, the Russian Copper Company has invested more than 16 bn roubles in the Karabashmed modernization project.

In addition to deploying new technologies that improve the plant’s environmental performance, RCC employees regularly clean up local rivers, lakes and woods, and take part in landscaping works.

In 2017, as part of the Ecology Year in Russia, RCC facilities in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Novgorod and Orenburg Regions and in the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated a campaign entitled “Let’s Make our Home Greener.” RCC employees planted flowers, bushes and trees — 46.000 plants altogether. Another campaign took place in Chelyabinsk, a regional capital of strategic importance for RCC. In cooperation with the Chelyabinsk authorities, RCC planted more than 100 trees in the city.

RCC does not carry out industrial activities in environmentally vulnerable areas.

Information on the company’s environmental impact assessment is publicly available and can be viewed at the company’s facilities.

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