RCC Charity Fund

The RCC Charity Fund was established upon the initiative of the company’s shareholders and employees.

The Fund’s key objectives are:

  • Strengthening of family values and the role of family in society;
  • Implementing projects in education, science, culture, and arts;
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and supporting public sports;
  • Protection and due maintenance of historical, cultural, religious and environmental objects;
  • Assistance to people in difficulty;
  • Building piece, friendship and understanding between nations.

The RCC Charity Fund partners with fellow charity organizations and implements joint projects in cooperation with regional authorities.

Since 2017, the RCC Charity Fund has been a member of the Forum of Donors — the association of Russian grant-giving organizations., which brings together funds and companies that systematically implement charitable projects. The Forum of Donors has 38 members, including charity organizations and major companies in various sectors of the Russian economy.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the RCC Charity Fund is Tatiana Altushkina.

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