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World Wildlife Fund evaluates RCC's environmental responsibility

The World Wildlife Fund has presented the results of the first Environmental Responsibility Rating of Russia's mining companies.

Based on the results for 2016, Russian Copper Company (RCC) was ranked sixth among 33 entities by the lowest environmental impact and fourteenth by environmental responsibility.

Over the last five years, the RCC Group invested nearly 8 billion rubles in environmental measures in areas where its enterprises operate. The funds were used to protect the air, flora and fauna, surface and underground water resources, soil and to ensure safe waste management.

“As a result, enterprises' emissions into the atmosphere were reduced almost by half and discharge into water bodies decreased by 30% in recent years. Although RCC is a non-public company, we are always ready to efficiently cooperate with specialized environment protection organizations since this area is a top priority in the company's business. Therefore, RCC will carry on with its activities aimed at enhancing environmental safety of our production facilities and mitigating environmental impact,” commented Nataliya Gonhar, Director of RCC's Department for Environment Protection, Occupational and Industrial Safety.

The environmental responsibility rating of Russia's mining companies based on 2016 results was prepared by the National Rating Agency. The calculation method was devised at the initiative of the Russian WWF and the UN Development Program, the Global Environment Facility and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, with the assistance of a number of non-governmental environmental organizations. The initiators stress that the selected evaluation criteria conform to the leading world standards in mining and surpass the requirements of the Russian environmental laws by a range of parameters.

As of today, the list of mining companies subject to evaluation includes 33 enterprises. The rating encompasses giants operating all over Russia, as well as major regional companies in priority ecoregions of the WWF. The companies were assessed in three areas: the enterprise’s environmental management and environmental policy, the company’s environmental impact, and availability and transparency of information about the company’s operations.

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