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The Russian Copper Company opens a sports and recreation centre in Korkino

World boxing stars Mike Tyson and Konstantin Tszyu addressed future champions from Korkino at the opening ceremony.

On September 7, 2018, an official ceremony to mark the opening of the Sports and Recreation Center of the Russian Copper Company (SRC RCC) was held in Korkino (Chelyabinsk Region). The event was attended by the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC Igor Altushkin, and stars of the International Boxing Hall of Fame: the undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Konstantin Tszyu, the two-time champion of Europe and absolute world champion (IBF, WBA and WBS). Umar Kremlyov, Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, and the "Siberian Rocky", WBO World Boxing Champion Ruslan Provodnikov also joined them in Korkino. The honored guests congratulated residents of Korkino on the opening of the modern sports and recreation center and expressed their wish that SRC RCC would train champions who would make Korkino famous far beyond the borders of the Southern Ural.

A comment by Konstantin Tszyu, the two-time champion of Europe and absolute world champion (IBF, WBA and WBS): "When I started boxing, there were no centres like this. All we had was a strong desire to succeed. The new sports and recreation center gives children who are members of sports clubs in Korkino plenty of opportunities to become outstanding athletes and champions in their sport".

The sports center in Korkino was built in about six months, which is a record time. Mike Tyson and Konstantin Tszyu took part in the foundation stone ceremony held in February 2018. SRC RCC houses a hall for team sports, halls for judo and boxing, a fitness studio, and a gym. There is a futsal court in the open arena of SRC RCC with artificial grass, running and cycle tracks, a grandstand with 250 seats, a volleyball court and workout area, and a play zone for children.

A comment by the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky: "Today, we are officially opening the unique sports and recreation center in Korkino. This is the second project in the region (a similar one is in Karabash), which is implemented with the support from the Russian Copper Company, within the framework of social partnership between the government and large companies. Our goal is to give every person living in the Southern Ural an opportunity to do sports, anywhere and at any age. I think we have succeeded in doing this. People are interested in buildings of this type, and I always insist that authorities keep these facilities open. Then it really works."

The new sports facility will have judo, boxing, basketball and football clubs for children aged four and above. Talented young athletes will get support and promotion in professional sports from RCC Boxing Promotions and the RCC Combat Sports Academy.

A comment by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC Igor Altushkin: "Sport does not only mean physical health. It is also a good form of education; it teaches you to make friendships, achieve results and change the world around you. This is why we pay careful attention to promoting a healthy lifestyle and support popular and professional sports in the regions. This is RCC's contribution to the future of Russian cities and residential areas. Great victories are "made" in sport halls in the provinces. Each region has "stars" to be proud of, and we should create the conditions that allow them to prosper."

RCC allocated about 220 million rubles to build and equip the SRC in Korkino. This is the second large-scale sports facility opened by the company in Chelyabinsk Region this year. In 2017, a similar multipurpose centre was built in Karabash where Karabashmed (part of RCC) operates and is a major employer and taxpayer.

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