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The RCC helped animal rights activists return wild animals into the environment

The repatriation of the lion Simba and the leopard Eva became the first ever in Russia

The lion Simba and the leopard Eva successfully traveled from Chelyabinsk to the Kilimanjaro animal crew wildlife & educational center in Tanzania. The animals undergo acclimatization in specially built rooms at the enclosures. The wild cats, whose repatriation was financed by the Russian Copper Company (JSC RCC), are monitored 24/7 by local specialists and the Chelyabinsk veterinarian Karen Dallakyan from the Save Me Foundation. He saved the exhausted predators.

The lion Simba was nearly dying when he was taken away from a beach photographer in Makhachkala (Dagestan, Russia) in March 2020. He was atrophied from malnutrition, could not walk, his whole body was in open wounds from torture. Local residents told the authorities that the owners used the lion to earn money, and so that he would not run away and be calm, they injured his paws.

The reports of the lion abuse have reached animal rights activists in the Urals. The veterinarian Karen Dallakyan, head of the Chelyabinsk Wildlife Protection Save Me Foundation, together with the volunteers were able to save Simba and bring him to Chelyabinsk. For seven months, Karen Dallakyan and his team treated and looked after Simba.

Eva was born in a traveling zoo and was abandoned by her mother. If not for Dr. Dallakyan, the cat would have died in infancy. He personally fed her from a pipette until she got stronger and began to feed on her own. Now Eva is 1.5 years old and she is completely healthy.

Karen Dallakyan: “Many people worked hard to save Simba. Seeing the transformation of this magnificent animal was worth all the effort. I am delighted and grateful that businesses, organizations and individuals have come together to enable this animal to thrive in its natural habitat in Africa”.

In October 2021, the lion Simba and the leopard Eva took part in the first ever repatriation of wild animals from Russia to Africa. For their transportation, the private Boeing 737-500 aircraft was specially re-equipped.

The repatriation of animals became possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Nature and Tourism of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor of the Russian Federation). The trip was organized by the founder of the travel company So.Travel and the community of animal rights activists Friends of My Heart, Yulia Agaeva. The assistance to the animal rights activists was provided by the government of the Chelyabinsk region and personally by the governor of the region Alexey Teksler.

This is the first official repatriation of the wild animals in Russian history. The all costs for organizing the project were covered by the Russian Copper Company. The RCC paid for the construction of two enclosures and the improvement of the territory for animals on the territory of the rehabilitation center Kilimanjaro animal crew wildlife & educational center, a special board for transporting cats to Tanzania, as well as the keeping animals for 1 year.

Angelika Bril, the Director of the RCC Information Transparency: “When we heard about the plight of Simba and Eva and the need for funds to repatriate animals to Africa, Igor Altushkin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RCC, agreed to cover all the costs to provide them with decent living conditions. The Simba’s treatment has undergone is cruel and heartless. The whole world watched the transformation of Simba. The lion's health has been restored thanks to the professional help of Dr. Dallakyan and the help of caring people. We are glad that we helped a good thing".

In Tanzania, Simba and Eva live in the Kilimanjaro animal crew wildlife & educational center, where have built spacious enclosures for cats, as well as special houses where animals can be examined by veterinarians. The area of ​​the enclosure for Simba is 6,000 m2, on the territory there are a swimming pool, an indoor enclosure, a climbing and activity platform, as well as a special block for medical procedures. The enclosure for Eva is 2500 m2. There are also a drinking pond, a climbing and activity platform, and an indoor enclosure. The enclosures for Eva were built around a tree with powerful long branches, on which leopards like to sit. Especially for Simba, a sandy zone is equipped on its territory. Each enclosure is supplied with clean water and electricity.

Simba and Eva will remain at the center till the end of life, they will be looked after by volunteers of the center; the veterinarians will carry out all the necessary medical procedures. The issue of the installing video surveillance is also being worked out so that the veterinarian Karen Dallakyan may continue to observe animals from Russia.

Kilimanjaro Animal Rehabilitation Center C.R.E.W. (also known as Makoa Farm) has been operating in Tanzania since 2013. It was founded by two veterinarians from Germany: Dr Laszlo Paizs and Dr Elisabeth Stegmaier. They have dedicated their entire lives to caring for wildlife in Africa, and the opening of Makoa Farm was the culmination of their work in Tanzania.

Russian Copper Company (RCC) is one of the three largest copper producers in Russia. It was established in 2004. Its production assets are located in the Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Orenburg, and Novgorod Regions, the Khabarovsk Territory, and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

RCC Group consists of more than 40 enterprises and companies of various specializations, including eight mining enterprises, a hydrometallurgical plant, three metallurgical plants and a trading company. They carry out the full production cycle - from mining and concentration of ore to production and sale of finished products.

RCC produces copper concentrate, copper cathodes and rod, electrolytic copper foil, as well as zinc concentrate, refined gold and silver. RCC Group's facilities are capable of producing 390 thousand tons of copper cathode equivalent annually.

Over 25 thousand employees and contractors are employed by the Group's enterprises.

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