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RCC Takes Part in Russian-UK Raw Materials Dialogue

RCC presents its Smart Copper business standard

The Russian Copper Company presented its Smart Copper corporate production standard at the 1st Russian-UK Raw Materials Dialogue Trust and Cooperation — the Major Elements of Sustainable Development in St Petersburg.
Natalia Gonchar, RCC’s Director for EHS, discussed RCC’s principles of efficient use of natural resources, energy saving and minimum environmental impact.
These principles are embodied in the Smart Copper corporate standard that RCC is putting in place at its production facilities. The standard combines modern technology, respect for the interests of the areas in which the company operates, and a responsible attitude to the environment in the production of high-quality copper products.
RCC evaluates each process at its plants in terms of resource saving and environmental safety. ‘Zero discharge’ programmes rely on closed water circulation and reuse of process water, thereby preventing waste from entering natural water bodies. RCC also seeks to maximize the use of waste in production, for example, by processing waste rock into crushed stone at its mining operations. Karabashmed, a metallurgical facility in Chelyabinsk Region, now has a concentration plant that produces copper concentrate from slag. Karabashmed also has a sulphuric acid shop and a state-of-the-art waste water treatment facility. Following a massive refurbishment programme, Karabashmed’s discharges have fallen by more than 20 times since 2000.
Natalia Gonchar shared some very interesting information on RCC’s projects for mine land reclamation, including liquidation of workings from the Korkinsky coal mine, the largest in Eurasia.

‘To address this major environmental problem, we intend to use mine-fill derived from the tailings of our Tominskiy concentration plant [an RCC facility under construction in Chelyabinsk region. For the purposes of coordination, the Government of Chelyabinsk Region has set up a number of working groups chaired by the region’s Governor Boris Dubrovsky. These include representatives from research organizations and government agencies. In addition, a roadmap for Korkinsky has been drawn up at the request of the Governor. The design documentation and engineering survey are supported by the St Petersburg Mining University,’ explains Natalia Gonchar.

The Russian-UK Raw Materials Dialogue Trust and Cooperation — the Major Elements of Sustainable Development opened in St Petersburg on 18th October 2017, bringing together representatives from 13 British universities, 40 British and over 30 Russian companies, federal and regional authorities. The Forum participants were welcomed by Deputy Minister for Energy Kirill Molodtsov and St Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

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