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The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant celebrates its 15th anniversary

Celebrations are held in Veliky Novgorod to mark the memorable occasion.

The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant (Veliky Novgorod, part of the Russian Copper Company Group) has celebrated its 15th anniversary. Celebrations were held in Veliky Novgorod to mark the memorable occasion. The celebrations were attended by Vadim Nepryakhin, the Federal Inspector for Novgorod Region, Ilya Malenko, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Novgorod Region, Evgeny Katenov, Deputy Chairman of the Novgorod Region Duma, Yuri Bobryshev, Mayor of Veliky Novgorod, Vsevolod Levin, President of RCC, vice presidents of the company and heads of the Russian Copper Company Group enterprises.

During the official meeting, employees of the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant were given certificates of merit of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, letters of thanks from the Governor of Novgorod Region, acknowledgements from the chairman of the regional Duma, certificates of merit of the Administration of Veliky Novgorod, letters of thanks from the mayor of the city and certificates of merit from RCC and the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant, for their achievements and contribution to the development of the industry. Overall, more than 80 awards were handed out.

"In 15 years, the staff of the enterprise have, on many occasions, confirmed their level of skill and their ability to tackle the most difficult tasks. The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant will implement many other important projects, and I am confident that they will be successful, because there are talented employees who continue the honorable traditions of the Russian metals industry," said Igor Altushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC, in his speech to congratulate the employees of the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant.

"The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant has a highly professional team, which is why its production facilities are among the most modern in Russia. The proficiency of the company's employees, their commitment and cherishing of traditions deserve deep respect. I would like to thank the team of the plant for their hard work done for the benefit of Novgorod Region. I wish you new achievements in production, excellent health and well-being," were the words from Andrey Nikitin, the Governor of Novgorod Region.

To mark its 15th anniversary, the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant organized a big festival in the city attended by thousands of residents and guests of Veliky Novgorod. Sixty employees of the plant who have worked there since it was founded received the "Faith and Loyalty" corporate distinctions of RCC on the stage. There were performances by creative teams from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Veliky Novgorod. The concert lasted five hours. The performance by the popular band Serebro was the highlight of the festival, and it ended with a firework display.

The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant was commissioned in 2003. The plant combines copper scrap processing from both high-grade scrap (up to 93% copper) and low-grade scrap (up to 55% copper) in a single technological process. The plant was built based on the technology and design of the Finnish company Outokumpu Technology, which is one of the world's industry leaders. The enterprise produces 70,000 tonnes of copper cathodes a year. In 15 years, it has made over 650,000 tonnes of cathode copper. The plant meets the highest standards in terms of equipment, automation, working conditions, and industrial and environmental safety. The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant is the only metals company in Novgorod Region. It has about 500 employees. As part of its social policy, the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant provides patronage for educational institutions and takes an active part in social projects of the Administration of Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod Region. The enterprise supports veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and disabled and low-income families.

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