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Russian Copper Company and Chelyabinsk Coal Company Join Efforts to Carry Out a Major Social and Ecological Project

Russian Copper Company (RCC) and Chelyabinsk Coal Company announce the establishment of a joint enterprise Promrekultivatsia which will deal with the liquidation of the Korkino open-cast coal mine.

Promrekultivatsia was created on the terms of parity (50% of shares belong to Chelyabinsk Coal Company, 50% – to the Tominskiy Ore Mining and Processing Plant, a part of the RCC Group). Nikolay Dzhemilev was appointed the director of the joint enterprise.

The purpose of creation of the new enterprise is the liquidation of the mined out open pit with the help of a backfill material which will be produced at the Tominskiy Ore Mining and Processing Plant and transported to the open-cast coal mine via conveying pipes.

The Korkino mine is the deepest open-pit coal mine in Europe. Its development began in the 1930s.

It provides work places for a major part of the working-age population of the Korkino District of the Chelyabinsk Region.

However, the ever-occurring endogenous fires cause air pollution, while landslip processes lead to a gradual destruction of the residential buildings and social facilities located in the immediate vicinity of the open-cast coal mine edges.

The technological solution, worked out by Russian Copper Company together with Ural State Mining University, will allow to strengthen open-cast coal mine edges and to solve the problem of endogenous fires. The implementation of the Korkino project will also allow to create work places for the local population after the coal extraction in the open-pit mine will be stopped.

For those employees who would like to work at RCC enterprises, a retraining program on the basis of Korkino Mining and Engineering Technical School and Pervomaiskiy College of Building Materials is planned to be launched.

More than 120 work places will be created in Promrekultivatsia while 150 people are planned to be transferred to the company Yuzhuralzoloto.

For the rest of the employees interested in getting jobs at the Tominskiy Ore Mining and Processing Plant and other RCC enterprises, the company is ready to organize retraining at the Mikheevskiy Ore Mining and Processing Plant in the Varnensky District of the Chelyabinsk Region.

“Recultivation of the Korkino open-cast coal mine and the employment of the local population is an important social and ecological mission which we were happy to undertake during the construction of the Tominskiy Ore Mining and Processing Plant. The official unification of efforts with Chelyabinsk Coal Company is another weighty confirmation of the seriousness of each side`s intentions,” said President of Russian Copper Company Vsevolod Levin.

Coal mining at the Korkino open-cast coal mine will continue until the beginning of 2018, and all current obligations for coal supplies for energy companies will be fulfilled.

Upon expiry of the mining license, Promrekultivatsia will begin works on the formation of the necessary infrastructure for the elimination of the mined out open-pit coal mine.

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