RCC will invest more than RUB 12 Bln in developing the Karabashmed plant

The Company's President Vsevolod Levin presented to the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Teksler the plan of developing the enterprise that is a major employer in the town of Karabash.

By 2022, Russian Copper Company (JSC RCC, Ekaterinburg) will invest more than RUB 12.2 Bln in expanding the capacity of Karabashmed plant (Karabashmed JSC, Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region, is a part of RCC Group). RCC President Vsevolod Levin informed the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Teksler of the Company’s plans when the head of the region visited the Karabash urban district.
The company plans to increase the plant's blister copper capacity by about a third to reach 230,000 tons per year and construct a new copper anode production section with a capacity of 265,000 tons per year. In order to do this, an additional fourth converter will be installed in the metallurgical workshop, and two anode furnaces with a dual casting wheel will be built. The estimated project budget is almost RUB 6.5 Bln. Karabashmed plans to produce the first anodes in 2021. The plant will supply copper anodes to Kyshtym Copper Electrolytic Plant (KMEZ JSC, Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, is a part of RCC Group) for cathode copper production.

The project will increase the efficiency of the existing cathode copper production chain at Karabashmed and KMEZ by eliminating the fire refining of blister copper to produce copper anodes, which is currently being carried out at Kyshtym. Instead of blister copper ingots, copper anodes will be sent from Karabash to Kyshtym for subsequent electrolytic refining and producing cathode copper.
Besides, expanding the capacity of the Karabashmed plant will increase the productivity of the KMEZ copper electrolysis workshop by almost 65 % to 230,000 tons of cathodes per year.

An increase in the capacity of metallurgical production at Karabash will not lead to increasing the environmental load of the enterprise. By the time the anode production section is launched, the second sulfuric acid shop will start operating at Karabashmed plant to utilize the additional volume of furnace and exhaust gases. The amount planned for increasing the efficiency of utilizing the emissions from the enterprise is about RUB 5.7 Bln.

A comment by RCC President Vsevolod Levin: “The strategy of Russian Copper Company is based on the balanced development of mining and metallurgical facilities. In the Chelyabinsk region, there is a whole RCC cluster that includes copper mining and producing enterprises. In 15 years, we have invested more than RUB 155 Bln in the construction of new facilities and the technological development of our existing enterprises in the South Urals. According to our forecasts, after the completion of the current investment projects, the regional mining and processing plants and metallurgical plants of RCC will annually pay more than RUB 22 Bln in taxes".

RCC has five mining and metallurgical enterprises in the Chelyabinsk region that form a complete production chain - from the extraction and beneficiation of copper ore to the production of cathode copper and copper wire rod. These are Mikheevskiy GOK (the Varna district), Aleksandrinskaya Mining Company (the Nagaybak district), the Karabashmed plant (the Karabash urban district), and the Kyshtym Copper Electrolytic Plant (KMEZ, the Kyshtym urban district). Tominskiy Processing Plant (the Sosnovskiy district) is under construction.
Since 2004, RCC has invested more than RUB 20 Bln in modernizing and improving the environmental safety of the Karabashmed plant. In 2017 - 2019, the project of refurbishing the enterprise's chemical and metallurgical complex was implemented. Within the scope of this project, blister copper production has been increased to 170,000 tons per year. The company installed three new converters equipped with gas-proof and aspiration covers for dust caps with a capacity of 150 tons each, launched an automated copper casting line, and commissioned a modern metallurgical gas purification complex that includes four high-performance wet electrostatic precipitators.

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