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RCC will develop a large area in Karabash providing it with social facilities

Town development plan up to 2025 approved

The Russian Copper Company (RCC JSC) and the government of the Chelyabinsk Region signed an agreement to implement a development programme for the Karabash urban district. The document was signed in the presence of Vladimir Yakushev, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal District, by Alexei Teksler, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, and Igor Altushkin, the Chairman of the RCC Board of Directors. According to the agreement, by 2025 the town will acquire a new district with its own modern school, kindergarten, hospital and unique residential complexes. Together they will form the “New Karabash”, a modern residential and social space. Construction will be carried out on the wasteland behind the “Med” shopping mall, as well as along Shakhtyorskaya street. The RCC’s total investment in the project will amount to 11.5 billion roubles.

Vladimir Yakushev, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Ural Federal District, comments: «At such events, as a rule, they present very long-term initiatives, spinning up to 2050, but in Karabash we have seen a project they plan to implement by 2025. The changes that are already taking place in Karabash indicate that everything that has been announced will definitely be done. The town has a difficult and complex history, and now the core enterprise has caught a second and even a third wind. It is very important and worthy of appreciation that the people who are engaged in the development are also interested in the fact that not only the employees of the enterprise, but all residents feel comfortable in the town. Therefore, I want to thank the Russian Copper Company and its leader for the changes that are taking place in Karabash now».

As part of the agreement, 100 thousand sq. m of modern housing (around 2200 apartments) will be built in the town. One of the new district highlights will be a school for 1.3 thousand students, which will be built in line with a unique design that uses thematic space zones. In a circular shaped building primary, middle and high school students will have their own sectors. In the courtyard there will be space for games and walks. The modern and technically advanced building will use solar energy and collect rainwater that will be reused to water lawns and plants. An environmental station will be set up on the school grounds, where children will be able to experiment with solar and wind energy, and there will even be a testing ground for drones. Workshops with 3D printers and an IT test site will operate at the school. At the Art block children will be taught how to work with three-dimensional architecture and introduced to crafts, sculpture and classical fine arts. Additionally, exhibition areas and an art workshop, a media laboratory, a theatre and a TV studio will be set up. Several halls will be equipped in the sports zone. School cafeterias and coworking spaces, a library and a music venue will operate on each floor. Children’s safety at school will be monitored by “smart” video cameras.

Alexey Teksler, Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, comments: «Today is the day when we have looked into the future, despite the fact that earlier, in its difficult years, Karabash was called a forgotten town that had no future at all. But, thanks to the Russian Copper Company, we are seeing a new period in the development of Karabash. Today a design for the best new small town in Russia was presented – this is how I feel about it and I am sure this is what will happen. Simultaneously with this project implementation, we will begin the reconstruction of the Miass-Karabash-Kyshtym road. And we will completely renovate the communal infrastructure, i.e. water intake, water supply and sewerage, for the volume of construction that has now been specified. The infrastructure of the new district will be working for the whole town and in the future, I am sure, all Karabash residents will be proud to live here».

A new kindergarten for 200 children will open next to the school. In this preschool institution with an area of 4000 sq. m, an innovative zoning system will also be used. Every group will have their own entrance. The premises will be equipped with everything necessary for arts and robotics.

Igor Altushkin, Chairman of the RCC Board of Directors, comments: «The new district and the social facilities that will become part of it will make Karabash truly comfortable, beautiful and functional. It will be a modern town with good infrastructure that develops not according to a pattern, but in accordance with the needs of the people. Here we will create favourable living conditions and, most importantly, opportunities for a successful start for future generations».

Most of the new area will be occupied by residential buildings. Ultra-modern multi-apartment complexes designs are developed according to the domestic FLET system: «function – logic – economy – technology». They will contain comfort and comfort-plus level housing with safe yards without cars. All buildings are monolithic, with covered ground parking areas. A special feature of the project is that the natural landscape of the area, i.e. a multi-level mountainous terrain, will be preserved. A town park will appear at the highest point of the area.

An important object of the future micro-district is a new town hospital, which, once put into operation, the RCC will hand over to the regional authorities. Children’s and adult polyclinics, dentistry clinic and consulting rooms for narrow profile specialists will be equipped there.

The current agreement on the development of Karabash is the second document in a row signed by the government of the Chelyabinsk Region and the RCC. The parties signed their first agreement in 2017. The programme covered a number of projects aimed at developing the social infrastructure and improving the living standards in Karabash and its environs. Since 2017, the RCC has built the “Metallurgist” sports complex, the “Med” shopping mall and the Medny residential complex in Karabash. It has also co-funded the construction of a residential building for migrants and the design of two public spaces – the Veterans Alley and the Central Square, as well as reconstructed three kindergartens, the resort Sinegorye, the embankment and the memorial complex and launched the construction of a swimming pool and the church and clergy house for the religious complex of St John Chrysostom, the Archbishop of Constantinople. In total, since 2004, the RCC has invested 2.7 billion roubles in the development of the social structure and in charitable projects in Karabash, where the Karabashmed enterprise (part of the RCC group) operates.

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