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RCC was awarded credit ratings

ACRA and Expert RA agencies have assessed the creditworthiness of the Company

The ACRA rating agency assigned to Russian Copper Company Group (RCC Group) the A+(RU) rating. The rating outlook is “stable”. ACRA experts noted the company’s strong market position, as well as its strong business profile, which is due to the low cost of copper production, the availability of the resource base, as well as strong production diversification. Among the key assessment factors in the rating, it is mentioned that RCC is the second largest company in Russia in terms of production of copper in concentrate and the first in the country in terms of proved reserves on its books (the eighth place by this indicator in the world).

The proven reserves of Russian Copper Company exceed 16 million tons of copper, which guarantees that RCC Group will have a stable supply of own raw materials for the next 30 years. According to the ACRA analysts, thanks to the launch of new projects, in the coming years RCC Group will become the leader in Russia in terms of copper production.

Another rating agency, Expert RA, assigned to RCC Group the ruА+ credit rating, evaluating the rating outlook as stable as well. The credit rating is assigned according to the Russian national scale and is long-term.

The Analysts of Expert RA positively assessed the expansion of RCC Group production facilities, which, in their opinion, has a positive effect on the Company’s operating and financial results. In 2020, the construction of the Tominskiy GOK was completed, which made it possible to increase the production of copper in copper concentrate by 94 % as of June 30, 2021LTM, and copper in cathode equivalent by 65 %.

Immediately upon the completion of the Tominskiy GOK investment project, RCC began the construction of the Amur Minerals plant at the Malmyzh deposit in the Khabarovsk Krai. The commissioning is scheduled for 2023, the rated capacity to be reached in 2024, which will allow the company to process additional 90 million tons of ore per year and double the existing processing capacity. The output of copper in copper concentrate will increase by 250,000 tons per year.

Credit ratings reflect the opinion of analytical agencies regarding the ability of the rated entity (issuer) to comply with its financial obligations and (or) regarding the credit risk of its individual financial obligations and do not establish facts or provide a recommendation to buy, hold or sell certain securities or assets or make investment decisions.

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