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RCC to invest over 2 billion rubles to improve environment in Karabash

As part of the year of Ecology, Russian Copper Company is planning large-scale environmental measures in Karabash.

Karabashmed, a subsidiary of Russian Copper Company in the Chelyabinsk Region, will invest more than 2 billion rubles in environmental measures in Karabash. The relevant agreement was signed on November 1, 2016 between Karabashmed CJSC, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, and Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky.


The measures to be implemented by RCC and Karabashmed in the next two years are aimed at not only mitigating the impact on ambient air quality in Karabash, but also at eliminating the environmental damage that accumulated over the entire XX century. In particular, Russian Copper Company is planning to build a mechanized blister copper pouring section, install new converters with gas-tight dust caps and replace the gas treatment system at the Karabashmed enterprise. All these measures will help to bring emissions of harmful substances to virtually zero.

RCC is also going to devise a project for recultivating the tailing dump area within the industrial site of Karabashmed. This land plot covering an area of over 20 ha was damaged in 1933–1989 in the course of the operation of the former concentrating mill of the Karabashsky Copper Smelting Plant.

According to President of the Russian Copper Company Vsevolod Levin, the company is striving to become the leader of the Russian non-ferrous metal industry in terms of environmental protection and compliance with the environmental laws: “We not only build the most advanced and environmentally safe facilities in the industry, but also invest considerable funds in modernizing the existing enterprises. We have already invested more than 16 billion rubles in upgrading Karabashmed, and are going to carry on with our comprehensive work to enhance the company’s environmental safety levels.”

In 2017–2018, Russian Copper Company will invest over 2 billion rubles in the implementation of environmental measures in Karabash.

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