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RCC and Roscongress to call for proposals on regional development

A cooperation agreement between RCC and Roscongress was signed today at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018.

The Russian Copper Company and Roscongress Foundation will develop cooperation to improve the quality of life in the Russian regions. Under the agreement signed at SPIEF-2018 in St. Petersburg, RCC and Roscongress will call for proposals on Regional Development and Best Social Practices. Individuals of all ages and non-commercial organizations registered in Russia will be able to participate. They are encouraged to present their own projects aimed at solving some specific problems in a region and contribute to improving the quality of life of the local population. It is planned that media persons, politicians, and business figures will be invited to the jury. The winner will be granted 1 million rubles to implement their project.

"The vast experience that the Russian Copper Company has in the social sphere is remarkable and useful as one of the best practices for all businesses in Russia," says the Director of Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev. We want to bring RCC’s experience to an audience that can make use of it, and thus improve the social climate in Russia by introducing similar social practices in other companies."

The best social practices competition will be based on the most efficient foreign experience, as well as leading cases of Russian corporate social responsibility, i.e., projects of big businesses that have been implemented successfully.

"The idea of this all-Russian competition partially grew out of our social project Change Your City for the Better, which RCC has been implementing in the regions of its presence for two years now," says RCC Vice-President for HR and CSR Anna Shabarova. "The project has already proven to be useful and effective: in 2017, six ideas of students from the South Urals were implemented, in 2018, seven more projects were selected to be implemented. We hope that the competition will have the same success at the national level and will benefit the residents of the regions."

While implementing the Change Your City for the Better project, RCC has built up an impressive expertise in analyzing regional pain points and solving specific problems to improve the quality of life. Therefore, Roscongress invited the Russian Copper Company to call for proposals within the Regional Development and Best Social Practices competition. According to Anna Shabarova, this competition will help to draw attention to the problems of the regions — both general and specific — at the federal level, and contribute to the sustainability awareness of the residents and local businesses.

"Virtually all of Russia will benefit from this competition, because if we manage to replicate the successful experience, if RCC is able to show how it achieved success with its social initiatives, this will serve as an example and will allow smaller businesses to take advantage of this know-how. This will enable people to understand how important it is to help each other, to do good, to participate in socially significant initiatives, and to improve the quality of life around them," says the head of the Roscongress Foundation Directorate on Cooperation with Charitable and Public organizations Elena Marinina.

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