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ORMET began construction of an underground mine at the Vesenny site

The design capacity of the facility is 200 thousand tons of ore per year

ORMET JSC (Orsk, Orenburg Region, part of the Russian Copper Company Group) has launched mine construction at the Vesenny site of the Vesenne-Aralchinskoye deposit. The company is implementing a project to refine balance ore reserves using the underground method. The mining development plan has been approved by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight of Russia.

The maximum capacity of the mine will be 200 thousand tons of ore per year. The transition to underground mining is scheduled for Q4 2022. The investment project budget is over one and a half billion rubles. The launch of the cleaning-up will make it possible to create up to one hundred additional jobs.

The mine portal is being built on the horizon plus 170 meters. Before the start of capital mining operations, the pit wall was reinforced by combined support for the safety of the work.

Copper ore will be mined in two galleries in the southwestern edge of the open pit. On the surface also will be located the objects of the industrial site of the underground mine: a mine building with an elevator, the main ventilation unit for supplying fresh air to the mine, a heating unit, a compressor station for supplying compressed air, a filling complex, energy and heat systems.

Ore mining at the active open pit has not been stopped. The mining operations at the mine continue in an open pit using excavators and dump trucks. The annual productivity is up to 600 thousand tons of ore. Together with the construction of the mine, the work will be carried out to expand and deepen the open pit.

Since the beginning of the development of the deposit, more than five million tons of copper-zinc ore have been mined. For underground mining, at least 1.3 million tons of balance ore is concentrated in the near-edge and under the bottom of the open pit, which is almost 20 percent of the total reserves of the deposit. The guaranteed production period for this area is up to 2030.

The Vesenne-Aralchinskoye copper-pyrite deposit is located in the border area of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its development is carried out within the framework of an intergovernmental agreement signed on September 30, 2014 in the presence of the presidents of both states.

The copper-zinc ore mined at the site is processed at the concentration plant of ORMET JSC, located in the Novoorsk district of the Orenburg region. The content of copper in the ore is 2.30%, zinc - 1.90%.

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