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One million tons of copper in eighteen years

Karabashmed marks its production anniversary with smelting one millionth ton of blister copper.

The copper smelting factory ZAO Karabashmed, a subsidiary of Russian Copper Company, celebrated an important event today: smelting its one millionth ton of blister copper. The enterprise has been counting this million since the foundation of Karabashmed in 1998 as part of the Karabashsky Copper Smelting Plant. 

It should be noted that the non-ferrous metal enterprise has been operating in Karabash since 1910 when an English company headed by Leslie Urquhart founded the Karabashsky Copper Smelting Plant. That industrial enterprise was very important for the Soviet economy in the XX century, actually providing for the life of the entire town. However, in the late 1980s the town-forming enterprise ran into considerable financial difficulties, the output plummeted, and Karabash ended up by having the highest unemployment rate in the Chelyabinsk Region. 

The Karabashsky Copper Smelting Plant recovered only in 1998 mostly owing to the fact that the town-forming enterprise was the only large employer in Karabash and, without it, the town was decaying and becoming deserted. However, the real revival of Karabashmed started only in 2004 when the enterprise was taken over by Russian Copper Company. An intense refurbishment of the production facilities was launched at Karabashmed making it possible among other things, to alleviatethe impact on the environment. In addition, RCC's management actively joined  efforts to tackle social problems in Karabash, renovating kindergartens, schools and sports facilities, organizing events for the town residents.

Today, Karabashmed is a viable, modern and developing enterprise providing more than 1,300 residents of Karabash not only with jobs, but with opportunities for professional and career growth and, therefore, making them confident about their families’ future. The Karabashmed employees are remarkable people who are highly competent and strive to do their best for the enterprise they work at and the town they live in.

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