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KCEP produced a record high volume of cathodes in 2017

The company's output of cathode copper rose 5% over 2016.

Kyshtym Copper Electrolytic Plant (KCEP ZAO, based in Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, is part of the Russian Copper Company Group—RCC) posted a new production record for 2017. The company produced over 128,000 tons of copper cathodes, up 5% from 2016.
The record high production output at KCEP is largely due to rising productivity of blister copper at Karabashmed (Karabash, based in Chelyabinsk Region, part of RCC), which supplies KCEP with raw materials. In 2017, the Karabashmed plant raised its output of core products by 7% against 2016 to 120,000 tons.
KCEP ZAO chief executive officer Andrei Kudryavtsev remarked, "In 2016, the plant became fully reliant on its own production of mineral raw materials used by RCC, obviating the need for external supplies of copper scrap. In 2017, the company stocked up sufficient quantities of anodes to ensure uninterrupted production of cathode copper."
In 2018, a large-scale upgrade campaign will continue at KCEP. The construction of two additional pot lines of 40 baths per line will put the company in a position to raise cathode copper production capacity by 15% to 140,000 tons per year. Development of copper wire rod production will enable it to turn out 140,000 tons of copper wire rods annually, up 40% compared to the current figure.
For 2017-2018, investment in developing the company's production capacity is put at RUB 679 million.

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