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Karabashmed ended 2017 at a record-high production level

The company's output of blister copper reached 120,000 tons by year-end.

Karabashmed CJSC (Karabash, based in Chelyabinsk Region, part of the Russian Copper Company Group) saw its production of blister copper rise by 7% versus 2016. In the reporting period, the company's metal output was recorded at about 120,000 tons for the first time ever. This success is attributed to a large-scale capacity upgrade and production development efforts. From 2004 to 2017, Russian Copper Company (RCC) invested about RUB 18 billion in upgrading and improving environmental safety at Karabashmed.

Karabashmed chief executive officer Andrei Khanzhin remarked, "The сompany’s performance has received a shot in the arm with a new mechanized blister copper pouring line coming into operation. This has greatly shortened the production time for finished products, cutting down metal losses. The improved competence of personnel, who are successfully learning to use advanced technologies and equipment, has also played a positive role. In addition, the output of blister copper has grown on the back of steady supplies of copper concentrate from the Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant.”

In 2018, RCC plans to invest about RUB 2 billion in the company's production development and social projects. Karabashmed  is looking to set up and run three new Kumera converters and a new automated gas cleaning system as part of its upgrade program, thus enabling the company to bring the output of bluster copper up to 150,000 tons per year, including 130,000 tons of blister copper sourced from mineral supplies. The project will not only be instrumental in enhancing, but also in improving the working environment and reducing the company's impact on the environment.

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