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In Chelyabinsk world sports stars launched the construction of the largest sports arena in the Urals

The project budget will exceed 5 billion rubles

The Russian Copper Company (JSC RCC) has begun construction of the RCC Arena, a multifunctional sports complex in Chelyabinsk city. The construction started with the groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexey Teksler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC Igor Altushkin and the Head of Chelyabinsk Natalya Kotova.

The guests of honor were the stars of world sports: Honored Volleyball Coach, President and Head Coach of the Uralochka - NTMK Club Nikolay Karpol; legend of professional boxing Roy Jones Jr.; absolute world champion in boxing among professionals Konstantin Tszyu; Olympic champion, absolute world champion in boxing Alexander Povetkin; Olympic basketball champion Sergey Tarakanov; European and Euroleague basketball champion Zakhar Pashutin; Euroleague Basketball Winner Vladimir Dyachok; volleyball world champion Evgenia Startseva.

Aleksey Teksler, Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region:

«We have laid the foundation stone for a unique object. This arena will become a decoration for our entire country, here we will hold the most prestigious competitions of various levels. The main thing is that our children will come here, and we will be able to attract people of different ages to sports, which can not be done without modern sports infrastructure. I am very grateful to the Russian Copper Company and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC Igor Altushkin for the decision to build such an outstanding sports facility in Chelyabinsk».

In two years, a four-storey multifunctional sports complex with an area of ​​35 thousand square meters will appear on the site of the laid stone. The main arena for team sports will host international competitions and will accommodate 5,000 fans. It will also be possible to hold mass concert events for 7 thousand spectators. The arena will become a training base for regional sports schools. The project provides for the construction of three halls for team sports and six locations for martial arts. In addition, there will be a small arena for martial arts tournaments, a fitness area, a medical center and a food court. A special object of the RСС-Arena will be a professional sports wind tunnel with a diameter of 4.8 meters and a height of 24 meters.

Igor Altushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC:

«RCC-Arena in Chelyabinsk will become the place of the first victories of our children, the beginning of strong friendship and the time spent with loved ones. There will be all conditions for a healthy lifestyle for children and adults and for the upbringing of champions that the South Urals and the whole country will be proud of».

RCC-Arena will be able to host 100 thousand people monthly. The budget of the project, fully funded by RCC, according to preliminary estimates, will exceed 5 billion rubles. RCC-Arena will become the central object of the future sports city, which is planned to be built in the north-west of Chelyabinsk at the expense of private investors.

Three bureaus from Russia, Italy and Austria are involved in the RCC-Arena project. Designers from Italy proposed the concept and visualization of the object, the appearance and technical solution of the facade was developed by an Austrian bureau. Russian designers are adapting the project to Russian standards. The facade of the arena will be made in a high-tech style using glass and metal. The object will harmoniously complement the ensemble of other buildings of the sports city.


The Russian Copper Company is actively working on the development of the sports infrastructure of the Chelyabinsk Region and other regions of its presence. In July 2021, RCC laid the first stone for the pool in Karabash town (the town-forming enterprise – Karabashmed JSC, part of the RCC Group), the construction of the complex will begin in 2022. The pool is equipped with two bowls - twenty-five and ten meters in length. The same building will house a public bath with an area of ​​350 m2. In Kyshtym (KMEZ JSC, located in Kyshtym town, is part of the RCC Group), by the end of 2022, the Russian Copper Company will build a sports and recreation center. The new building will appear in the Nizhny Kyshtym microdistrict, next to the Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant. In the sports and recreation center with an area of ​​more than 2 thousand m2, will be created conditions for practicing volleyball and basketball, martial arts, table tennis and rock climbing.

In Korkino (the operator of the project for the elimination of the spent mine workings of the Korkinsky coal mine, LLC Promrekultivatsiya is part of the RCC Group), the reconstruction of the Berezka ski base is being completed. By the beginning of the ski season in 2021, Berezka will become the main year-round sports ski center for the entire Korkinsky district and nearby towns. RCC has already built a new warm building with changing rooms, showers and rooms for sports equipment. Children's and sports grounds are installed next to the new building. On the territory of Berezka there will be a new educational roller-ski trail, outdoor simulators, an obstacle course, as well as an artificial pond in the shape of a heart for a beach holiday for Korkino residents. The arsenal of sports equipment will be added with 550 pairs of skis from the world's leading manufacturers, bicycles and roller skates. The total budget for the reconstruction of the ski base is 220 million rubles.

Among the implemented sports projects of RCC - the construction of a swimming pool in the village of Varna with an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters with two bowls, a gym and a sauna. The total investment in the construction of the complex is 240 million rubles. The company spent more than 17 million rubles to equip the complex. Since 2018, the RCC Martial Arts Academy has been operating in Ekaterinburg: there are on four floors nine areas of martial arts: boxing, MMA, Thai boxing, kickboxing, karate kosiki, kyokushin karate, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling. There are also zones of power extreme, crossfit and a gym. On the last two floors of the Academy there are a two-level hall designed for professional fights with a ring and seats for spectators. Every weekend, the Academy hosts professional and amateur tournaments, press conferences, seminars, training camps and certifications.

Two more sports complexes built by the RCC work in Korkino village (since 2018) and Karabash town (since 2017). The construction budget is 220 million rubles for each project. The company has a joint project with the Chelyabinsk hockey club Traktor, and has erected five modern street hockey courts in the Chelyabinsk region - four in Chelyabinsk and one in Korkino. RCC spent 30 million rubles for the construction of courts. The playgrounds are open to all, as well as for local children's sections. Since 2017, RCC has been building workout areas and workout parks in the regions of its presence. Already 48 objects have been built in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions, as well as in Veliky Novgorod and Kazakhstan. Investment in construction exceeded 85 million rubles. The playgrounds are equipped with all the necessary things for training: workout bars, hand bars, bars, benches, wall bars, crossbeams. A professional shock-absorbing coating ensures safety, and information stands with training programs allow you to control the execution technique.

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