When purchasing goods, works and services from contractors, the Russian Copper Company follows rules set out in it Tender Procedure Standard.

The document specifies procurement requirements, ensures the funds are spent efficiently and for their intended purpose, andsets out conditions forachieving timely and full coverageof the enterprises’ needs with high-quality products on advantageous terms. The Standard is also aimed at ensuring economically sound costs, preventing possible abuses and enhancing the investment appeal of RCC Group companies.

In accordance with the Tender Procedure Standard, RCC holds tenders, online auctions and requests for quotes, and chooses the best products and services from those available on the market today.

The procedures for selecting best offers during procurement activities are not auctions public tenders and do not impose on the RRC the obligations stated in sections 447-449 of Part 1, and sections 1057-1061 of Part 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Procurement of standardized products is conducted on the Tender Pro electronic trading platform. For more details, please visit the website.

List of RCC group legal entities that carry out procurement:

  • AO RCC,
  • TOO AktyubinskayaMednaya Kompaniya,
  • JSC Aleksandrinskaya Gorno-Rudnaya Kompaniya,
  • JSC Karabashmed,
  • JSC Kyshtymskiy Medeelektrolitniy Zavod,
  • ZAO Maukskiy Rudnik,
  • JSC Mikheevskiy GOK,
  • JSC Novgorodskiy Metallurgicheskiy Zavod,
  • JSC Tominskiy GOK,
  • JSC Uralgidromed.

To identify potential competitive procurement participants that can carry out (render) certain types of work (services) or supply certain types of goods consistent with the requirements of RCC Group companies to production processes, quality and safety of goods, RCC conducts Accreditation of Competitive Procurement Participants.

To participate in the competitive procurement, one should pass accreditation, namely: to fill out the applicant’s questionnaire and provide the documents specified in the inventory. Please send this information and the documents to [email protected]

Competitive procurement participants are accredited by the Economic Security Department of JSC RCC.

Documents for accreditation can be downloaded here.

Contact phone number for questions on accreditation: +7 (343) 365-29-33.

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