Our life is all about copper mining and production. We are in the process of creating a new industry leader—a dynamic, innovative, and responsible company with great potential for growth.

Our strategy is based on a combination of modern technologies and environmental responsibility, aimed at creating high-quality copper products with a competitive advantage on the global market.

To implement this strategy, we are expanding our mineral resources base and modernizingour metallurgical facilities.

Through our business activities, we are implementing sound environmental management and green production programs. We strive to use the world’s most efficient technologies and solutions that ensure environmental safety.

Our investment in modern mining and metallurgical facilities in Russia and Kazakhstan contribute to the social and economic development of the respective territories. Where our facilities are located in small towns and townships, they often have strategic significance for the local economy and contribute to the development of social services.

We pursue a proactive approach to social responsibility and invest in infrastructural and charity projects to improve the living standards of the local communities.

We are in it for the long haul — to live and to create, to improve our facilities, to build towns, raise families and take care of the older generation.

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