Сергей Викторович Шувалов

Сергей Викторович Шувалов

Sergei Shuvalov

Vice President for IT

Born in 1961 in Sverdlovsk. Graduated from Physics Faculty of Ural State Universityin 1983.

Sergei Shuvalov began his career as a construction engineer at the Kalinin Plant in 1984.

In 1989-1991, he worked in the Automated Control Systems Department of Sverdlovsk Diagnostical Centre before serving as Deputy CEO for technical issues at the Ural Cash Processing Centre from 1991 to 1996.

In 1996, he became Chief Web Officer at DigiTech.

Before joining RCC, Shuvalov spent almost 20 years developing information technologies for the banking sectoras Chief Information Officer at Uralsibsotsbank (19917-2002), head of the IT department at Uralvneshtorgbank (2002-2007) and CIO at URSA Bank (2007-2010). He then joined MBRR (later known as MTS Bank), in the role of Vice President and Head of IT. For the next two years, he was Vice President and Head of IT at Joint-Stock Bank Pushkino. Before joining RCC, he was Head of Business Development in the financial sector at a top 50 IT company.

Since 2016, Sergei Shuvalov has been responsible for IT development in RCC Group’s head office and enterprises as Vice President for IT.

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