Всеволод Вадимович Левин

Всеволод Вадимович Левин

Vsevolod Levin

President of RCC

Born in 1967 in Sverdlovsk. Graduated from the Ural State Mining University with a degree in mining engineering, geological surveying and exploration of mineral deposits.

In 1997, Levin started his management career as the CEO of Tsvetmettechnologiya Production Group. Until 2002, he was responsible forimplementation of the company's investment projects, in particular forthe design and construction of the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant.

In 2002, beheaded up Uralgidromed in the town of Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, where his main achievement was the introduction of a unique hydrometallurgical copper production technology.

In 2004, Levin became President of the Russian Copper Company. Over the next few years under his leadership, the company acquired the mines and processing plants of the Aktyubinsk Copper Company, an extensive programme of reconstruction and modernization work was carried out at the Karabashmed plant, and a copper ore mining and processing project — construction of the Mikheevskiy Processing Plant — was completed.

Today, Levin supervises another major RCC project — development of the Tominskiy porphyry copper deposit in Chelyabinsk Region and the construction of a mining and processing plant with an estimated production capacity of 28 mln tons of copper ore per year.

In July 2017, Vsevolod Levin was awarded the title of “Honoured Mineworker” for his great contribution to the development of the industry and for hisdedicated work over many years. The award order was signed by Denis Manturov, the Minister of Trade and Industry of Russia.

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