Игорь Алексеевич Алтушкин

Игорь Алексеевич Алтушкин

Igor Altushkin

Chairman of the Board of Directors, founderand principal owner of RCC

Born in 1970 in Sverdlovsk. Graduated from the Ural Business Institute. 

His entrepreneurial career began in 1992, when he established Aeron, a company that collected and processed non-ferrous scrap. Within a few years, Aeron became one of the leading suppliers of processed raw materials to local companies. 

In 1995, Altushkin became involved in a new business start-up — the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company – and spent the next few years   focusing on the company’s further development. 

In 2004, he founded the Russian Copper Company. As Chairman of the Board of RCC, he is responsible for the Group’s business development strategy. Under Altushkin’s leadership, the company has implemented a number of unique projects and become one of the biggest copper producers in Russia. 

Igor Altushkin is one of the most notable philanthropists and public figures in the Urals region. On his initiative and with his financial support, a number of charitable and social projects are being implemented, with a focus on the conservation of traditional religious and moral values, supporting families, mothers and children, and advancing education and culture, as well as professional and amateur sport. 

Igor Altushkin is the Chairman of the Ecology and Natural Resource Management Committee of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Sverdlovsk Region. He is a member of the supervisory boards of St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University and Chelyabinsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCC is a holder of honorary titles and state awards. In 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Friendship to Igor Altushkin “for the achievements in work and many years of dedicated work”. In 2018, Igor Altushkin received the title of honorary citizen of the Sverdlovsk region for his outstanding achievements in the economic sphere that contributed to the strengthening and development of the region. In 2020, by the presidential decree, Igor Altushkin was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, IV degree, “for his great contribution to organizing the work to prevent and avert the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19)”. Since 2021, Igor Alekseevich is an Honorary Citizen of the City of Ekaterinburg – this title was awarded by the decision of the City Duma for helping the Ural capital in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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