About us

Russian Copper Company is one of the three largest copper producers in Russia. Founded in 2004, RCC Group has production assets in Russia (Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Orenburg and Novgorod regions, as well as the Khabarovsk Territory), and also in Kazakhstan (the Aktobe Region).

RCC Group consists of over 40 enterprises and companies of various profiles in Russia and Kazakhstan, including eight mining enterprises, a hydrometallurgical plant, three metal works and a trading company. They carry out a full cycle of production – from mining и ore beneficiation to end products manufacturing and sales. The company produces copper concentrate, copper cathodes and wire rod, electrolytic copper foil, as well as zinc concentrate, refined gold and silver.

RCC’s Group’s confirmed reserves are 16 million tons of copper. This indicator allows the company to rank as the first in Russia and the eighth in the world.

RCC Group’s enterprises’ annual capacity is 390 tons of copper cathode equivalent.

Over 25 thousand full-time staff and contracting organizations employees are employed at RCC’s mining and processing plants and metal works.

RCC Group is guided by sustainable development principles in its activities and implements best practices in terms of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG practices).

The company implements programmes for the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection, which makes it possible to improve the environmental safety of production facilities. To improve the living standards in its catchment areas, RCC helps develop the social sphere and infrastructure. The Group's management system is based on strict compliance with the law, transparent decision-making procedures and provision of social guarantees to its employees.

Information about the management of the company is available upon request.

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