Our team

In its HR policy, the Russian Copper Company strives to offer opportunities for professional development and personal fulfilment of employees, while providing a safe workplace and a range of social guarantees.

Today, about 10,000 people are employed by RCC enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan. When hiring new staff members, we give priority to residents of local towns and villages. As a result, local residents make up around three quarters of RCC’s manpower.

The majority of RCC enterprises have strategic significance for the local budgets and are major employers for the local communities.

Competitive compensation, additional payments and bonuses, various benefits and free meals, advanced protective gear, as well as safe and confortable working conditions are only someof the benefits offered to RCC employees.

RCC Group enterprises offer training and development programs to help improve employees' professional qualifications, as well as their skills and expertise.

In particular, RCC Group manages licensed educational centres at Karabashmed, the Kyshtym Copper Electrolytic Plant and the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant, offering training programs in 32 metallurgy and mining industry occupations.

Each year, 20% of RCC employees attend retraining courses at the company's own training centres.

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