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2/2 West-Industrial District, Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, 623391 Russia

Tel: +7 (343-50) 4-00-88


CEO Nikolay Azarov

Uralgidromed was built by RCC in 2005 at the Gumeshevskoe deposit in Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region. The Gumeshevskiy mine was discovered as far back as in 1758 and is mentioned in Bazhov’s famous fairy tale “The Malachite Casket”.

The production facilities at Uralgidromed were built with the help of Outotec (Finland), one of the leaders in mineral processing technology. As a result, Uralgidromed has become Russia’s first technologically advanced production complex combining underground leaching and hydrometallurgical production of copper cathodes. The construction project for Uralgidromed was carried out in partnership with leading international engineering group SNC-Lavalin Europe Ltd.

Uralgidromed uses weak acid solutions for continuous copper mining: when pumped into the subsoil via wells, they react with underground ore to form a concentrated copper solution. The copper solution then goes to an electrolytic workshop to produce copper cathodes. When the cycle is complete, the solution goes back underground to form another concentrated copper solution. As it does not involve high-temperature smelting or any discharge of sulfur oxide, this is one of the least harmful methods of copper production. In addition, Uralgidromed uses innovative technologies for processing low-grade and oxidized ore and some minor deposits that were previously considered commercially unviable.

Uralgidromed currently has a production capacity of up to 5,000 tons of copper cathodes per year.

JSC Uralgidromed

2/2 West-Industrial District, Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, 623391 Russia

+7 (343-50) 4-00-88

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