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456537, Shkolnaya street 3, settlement Tominskiy, village settlement Tominskoe, municipal district Sosnovskiy, Chelyabinsk region

Tel: +7 (351) 449-25-00


CEO Valeriy Ulanovskiy

The Tominskiy Processing Plant is the Russian Copper Company’s biggest investment project and one of the most large-scale and high-tech projects in the Russian mining industry during recent years.

The Plant will be constructed at the Tominskiy copper-porphyry deposit.

The project will include the Tominskiy and Kalinovskiy mines and a processing plant with a capacity of 28 mln tons of copper ore per year, producing up to 500,000 tons of copper concentrate per year.

Innovative technologies and equipment from the world’s best manufacturers will be deployed at the Tominskiy Processing Plant, enabling it to process copper porphyry ore with a copper content of 0.4%.

The Tominskiy Processing Plant project is part of Russia’s Non-Ferrous Industry Development Strategy for 2014-2020 and to 2030, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Order 839, dated May 5, 2014.

The Russian Copper Company pays particular attention to environmental protection issues and to reducing its plant’s impact on the environment. The Tominskiy Processing Plant will implement the best available technologies to protect the atmosphere, soil and wildlife, as well as subsoil and surface waters.

To reduce dusting and to return dust into the production cycle, the plant will be equipped with vacuum extraction systems.Its closed water supply system will enable re-use of process water after purification, which will prevent industrial wastewater from entering natural water bodies.

The Tominskiy Processing Plantwill stimulate the development of Chelyabinsk Region’s industrial potential and create a multiplier effect for the local economy.

The plant’s tax payments will amount around 120 bn rubles, while new jobs for more than 1,200 people will contribute to the improvement of living standards in the region. When recruiting new employees, RCC will give priority to residents of local towns and villages, as well as citizens of Chelyabinsk.

To learn more about the Tominskiy Processing Plant, please visit

JSC Tominskiy GOK

456537, Shkolnaya street 3, settlement Tominskiy, village settlement Tominskoe, municipal district Sosnovskiy, Chelyabinsk region

+7 (351) 449-25-00

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