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11 Andreeva, Orsk, Orenburg Region, 462432 Russia

Tel: +7 (3537) 343-900

Tel: +7 (3537) 343-901 (fax)


CEO Natalia Bondarenko

ORMET was launched in 1995 in the city of Orsk, Orenburg Region. It is engaged in the mining and processing of copper and zinc ores.

ORMET includes the following facilities:

  • Dzhusinskiy Mine. Constructed at the Dzhusinskiy pyritic polymetallic deposit in Adamovskiy District of Orenburg Region.Open-pit mining operations began in 2004. In February 2013, construction work began on the underground part of the Dzhusinskiy deposit, with a planned production capacity of 200,000 tons of ore per year.
  • Vesenniy Mine.Constructed at the Vesenne-Aralchinskiy copper pyritic deposit in Dombarovskiy District of Orenburg Region, near the Russia-Kazakhstan border. To launch this project, the Governments of Russia and Kazakhstan signed an agreement “On the Particularities of Implementing Business Activities on the Border Territory during Copper Pyritic Ore Production at Vesenne-Aralchinskiy Deposit.”The open-pit mine is currently producing 800,000 tons of ore a year and is projected to continue production until 2024.
  • Processing Plant. Located in the Novoorskiy District of Orenburg Region. Commissioned in March 1999.The plant is capable of processing 820,000 tons of ore a year.

To replenish its ore reserves, in June 2017, ORMET began preparing for construction and development of the Luchistiy deposit in the Dombarovskiy District of Orenburg Region. The deposit’s reserves are estimated at 112,000 tons of ore.

Currently, ORMET is planning to develop new deposits of copper zinc ores at Zapadno-Ashebutakskiy (West Ashebutaksk) and Akzhar. The necessary licenses were obtained in March 2012.

ORMET employs 630 workers, playing a vital role in the region's economy by providing jobs to the people of Orsk and surrounding rural areas.


11 Andreeva, Orsk, Orenburg Region, 462432 Russia

+7 (353-7) 44-72-00

+7 (353-7) 34-39-01 — fax

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