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44 Vyazhishsky Passway, Velikiy Novgorod, 173012 Russia

Tel: +7 (816-2) 940-750

Tel: +7 (816-2) 940-754


CEO Oleg Chernoshtan

The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant, commissioned in 2003, is a modern high-tech production facility.

This unique plant combines copper scrap processing from both high-grade scrap (up to 93% copper) and low-grade scrap (up to 55% copper) in a single technological process at a single site.

The plant uses a TROF Converter (supplied by Outotec, Finland), as well as Maerz (German) and Kumera (Finish) smelting furnaces, an Outotec flotation system and Unicell (Belgian) electrolytic cells.

It currently produces 70,000 tons of copper cathodes a year.

Like other RCC enterprises, the Novgorod Metallurgical Plant applies environmental control measures. The Plant’s analytical centre constantly monitors the technological and environmental aspects of the production process. The plant has also introduced a closed water cycle and smart power consumption system that uses excess thermal energy produced during primary smelting and copper conversion for the plant’s internal needs.

Advanced gas treatment systems and filtration equipment help minimize atmospheric emissions.

The Novgorod Metallurgical Plant is an attractive employer and a reliable taxpayer, making a major contribution to the socio-economic development of Novgorod Region.

JSC Novgorodskiy Metallurgicheskiy Zavod

44 Vyazhishsky Passway, Velikiy Novgorod, 173012 Russia

+7 (816-2) 940-750

+7 (816-2) 940-754

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