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27 Osvobozhdenia Urala, Karabash, Cheliabinsk region , 456143 Russia

Tel: +7 (351-53) 2-36-10

Tel: +7 (351-53) 2-36-45


CEO Andrey Khanzhin

Karabashmed (former Karabashskiy Copper-Smelting Plant) is one of the oldest metallurgical enterprises in Russia, with a history that dates back more than 110 years.

The production facility is located in the town of Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region. It consists of a copper smelting facility producing up to 130,000 tons of blister copper per year, including 110,000 tons from mineral raw minerals, and a slag processing plant.

Karabashmed became part of RCC in 2004, when a massive environmental and technological modernization program was launched.

From 2004 to 2017, investment in the facility's re-equipment exceeded 18 bn roubles. The plant saw a massive refurbishment of its chemical and metallurgical complex. Powerful filtration systems were installed, the old furnace was replaced with a new Ausmelt smelting furnace, and a second sulphuric acid workshop was constructed to utilize smelter fumes. Furthermore, the enterprise installed a closed water cycle, with storm waters and melt waters gathered and used for charging the recycling water supply system and for operating needs.

By the end of 2018, RCC plans to invest another 2 bln. roubles in the modernization of Karabashmed.

The company is also working on a major project to reclaim an old trailing dump located within the plant's borders. More than 20 hectares of soil were affected by uncontrolled production between 1933 and 1989. RCC’s initiative will help to restore the soil balance in the affected area.

RCC takes care of the communities in which it operates. For Karabash municipality, the company serves not only as the major employer and tax payer, but also as a strategic partner in the social sphere. Together with the local authorities, RCC has developed a Karabash Municipality Development Program to 2021, aimed at creating comfortable living conditions for local residents. In the next few years, Karabash will see new social services, a residential district, and capital repairs on roads and amenities.

JSC Karabashmed

27 Osvobozhdenia Urala,Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region , 456143 Russia

+7 (35153) 2-36-10

Fax: +7 (35153) 2-36-45

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