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4G Maresieva Str, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 030000

Tel: 8 (7132) 947 482

Tel: 8 (71336) 4 30 02 fax


CEO Farit Sufyanov

The Aktyubinsk Copper Company is focused on mining and processing of copper ore and copperzinc ore, with production facilities near the town of Khromtau in Aktyubinsk Region, Kazakhstan.

The enterprise includes a processing plant consisting of two divisions, with an overall processing capacity of 5 mln tons of ore per year, as well as two mines -50 Let Oktyabrya and Priorskoye. ACC’s processing plants have a total capacity of 60,000 tons of copper concentrate and 45,000 tons of zinc concentrate per year.

The 50 Let Oktyabrya deposit was discovered in 1964 and is one of the largest copper pyrite deposits in Kazakhstan. Its reserves are estimated at around 46 mln tons of ore and 823,000 tons of copper. The average copper grade is around 1.81%.

Exploration of the Priorskoye mine was conducted in 1967-1972. Its reserves are estimated at around 36 mln tons, including 377,000 tons of copper and 1.4 mln tons of zinc. The average copper grade is 1.02%, while the average zinc grade is 3.88%.

Aktyubinsk Copper Company has around 1,600 employees. Another 600 staff members work in contractor organizations that provide equipment maintenance services. Work is organized on a shift basis, with specialists brought in from across the country.

As part of its mineral resource base development programme, RCC is planning to build an underground mine at the Vesenne-Aralchinskoe deposit, with an estimatedproduction capacity of up to 500,000 tons of copper ore per year. It is also planning to develop the Kundyzdy deposit (with an estimated production capacity of up to 2 mln tons of copper zinc ore per year) and Limannoe — an underground mine and a surface mine with an estimated overall production capacity of 2 mln tons of ore per year).

RCC’s cumulative investments inits Kazakhstan division, including new project development, may reach roughly $900 mln.

The enterprise plays a vital role in strengthening cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan. Aktyubinsk Copper Company is a strategic partner of the local communities, investing in social infrastructure development.

TOO Aktyubinskaya Mednaya Companiya

4G Maresieva Str, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 030000

+7 (7132) 947-402 — secretary

+7 (7132) 947-482 — administrative office

+7 (7132) 578-671 — administrative office, fax

[email protected]

Koktau Office

54 Zhastar Str, Koktau, Kazakhstan 031104

+7 (71336) 43-002 — administrative office, fax

[email protected]

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