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6 Sovetskaya, Vishnevogosk, Cheliabinsk Region, 456825 Russia

Tel: +7 (351-49) 342-93


CEO Nikolay Gridin

The history of the Mauksky Mine began in 1955, when the Mauksky copper zinc ore deposit was discovered. In 1955, it received a mining license.

Since 2005, the mine has been managed by the Russian Copper Company. Underground ore mining began in 2010. Operations are currently on hold and the mine has been mothballed.

A complex environmental control system has been installed in the Mauksky Mine, which includes atmosphere control, as well as control of underground and surface water bodies, soil and waste, while employees are being trained in environmental safety. The Mauksky Mine ensures compliance with industrial safety regulations control and carries out prophylactic sanitary measures.

The enterprise provides assistance to the town of Vishnevogorsk through support for education, science, culture and the arts, development of sports and healthcare, youth projects, and construction and repairs of social amenities.

ZAO Mauksky Rudnik

6 Sovetskaya, Vishnevogosk, Chelyabinsk Region, 456825 Russia

+7 (351-49) 342-93

+7 (351-49) 342-93 — fax

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